Zita Cameron

Zita Cameron has over 20 years experience in Sales and Business Development.  She has worked with large corporate brands such as Southern Cross Healthcare, Blue Star, Boise Office Products and Chub New Zealand.  She has also been recognised with various national awards in Sales.  Her current business Infuzed Business Group is about “supporting you in your business so you can get into the next level of growth.”

Zita’s dad was a big influence in her life.  She remembers at age 3-4 travelling around to different business meetings with her father “…just watching him at work and I think that’s what’s made me so strong at what I do today.”   It also gave her a great perception and vision for her life. “To see success and to see business when you’re young you see it as achievable and you see it as doable.  It embeds that in you at a very young age and you think that anything’s possible.”

Quote: “Aim for the moon.  If you miss, you may hit a star.” W Clement Stone 

Zita has 5 children and knows the value of support and of being present for her children.  “I want either me or my husband to be present. We don’t want to be business parents and the kids are forgotten.  It’s very important for me to have that.”

Zita was recently described in an article as a Networking Queen.  She put’s it down to her passion for people and business “It’s mainly because I came from a large family.  I love meeting people. I love meeting people.”

Zita recommends:
Kids Can
Loving our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk

Help our Stay-at-Home Mums and Dads to get back to work

  1. The world is more embracing of working parents.
  2. Make sure you are certain about what you want to do and you are overwhelmingly passionate about.
  3. Get support for your business/work.

“Have vision and clarity first before you go off and change the world.”

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