You’ll Get it Wrong, but So What!

“Sometimes you’ll get it wrong, but, so what!”

I love this about Annah Stretton.  She gets it.  She knows that anyone who is stepping out in business and life will fail at some point.

“Failure is a very important part of a business model and life’s model.”

Annah identifies that without failure there is no business, there is no life. 

I know in our businesses that when there’s been a big mistake, we consciously make a change.  For us it was being ripped off by 10k.  That made us implement contracts and progress payments.  I guess without these challenges we wouldn’t improve our business.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have another go.” 

It was so timely Annah said this as I actually said her name wrong the whole way through the interview.  Anna was so gracious and didn’t even mention it once.  It made such a profound impact on me, how gracious she was.  Now, thankfully, I ask my guests before the interview how to pronounce their name.

Annah Stretton was my first interview and the audio quality isn’t as good as I would hope (due to over-editing), but please enjoy the timeless gems that the lovely Annah Stretton so generously gives.

I thought you would enjoy this by Taylor Swift – it’s my new favourite: