Vaughan Rowsell

Vaughan Rowsell has raised 11 million dollars of investment in 3 years.  He believes in “Surrounding yourself with positive people who understand you and love you for who you are.”  Vaughan’s mum provided an inspiring role model which he now passes on to his children.  He makes them a priority “I cherish every moment with my two daughters I am truely blessed with.”  Vaughan also challenges himself each year with a new substantial goal, this year it’s running 1000 kilometres (621 miles).  His cycle of the whole of New Zealand was to support The Agency for Spinal Concerns.

Vaughan’s philosophy is clear in his statement “I created my own future.”  His super-power is his tenacity which is closely matched with his quality of having a sense of humour he gained from his mother.  The only barrier Vaughan believes we have is ourselves.

Impossible does not mean improbable.  Impossible, means you will never do it.   Improbable means it’s going to be quite hard, but it’s totally achievable.

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