Tom O’Neil

Tom O’Neil is a CV expert, motivational speaker and successful author and writer in business journals.  Tom believes in giving it a go and keep trying as well as small changes can make a big difference in your life.  “I’ve had so many good things happen because I’ve given it a go and not taken no for an answer.”

Tom’s persistence in respectfully pursuing one goal led him to be published in the worlds best selling career annual journal.

Tom found his place in motivational speaking “I met my tribe.  A bunch of people who were on fire with their ideas and genuinely wanted to help other people.”  In this Tom O’Neil interview you will experience his passion and feel motivated too.

Tom shared how do to well in an interview:

  1. Market yourself.  Make sure you know what achievements and qualities you have that meets their need.
  2. Tailoring their needs to their employer.  Be the solution to their problem.
  3. Be genuine to who you are.  Enjoy the interview as much as possible.  Be a authentic  person with honesty and integrity in the process that way when you do get the role it will be an enjoyable experience for all in the long term.

Tom Recommends:
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
Raising Boys by Dr James Dobson
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

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