Tim Reid

Tim Reid is a has a successful podcast “Small Business Big Marketing” and is a key-note speaker.  He has recently been asked to speak in Dubai, Veitnam and throughout Australia.  Timbo recognises that their are no shortage of Marketing Guys nor Speakers, but believes people can stand out by developing their personality and a style that’s different from others.  He found with small businesses really enjoyable, as they’re “attentive, thankful, and action what I talked about.”

“People can copy what we do, but not who we are.”

Tim’s greatest success is his family.  He describes his children as “beautiful human beings who are making a difference in this world.”  It was working with children at a not-for-profit organisation REACH that inspired him to make the change from the corporate world to being self-employed.  There he witnessed the importance of children having a “connection with their Dad.”

Tim encourages us to “Have a go!”

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