Family and The Power of Love

Tim Sisarich spent many years heading Focus on the Family, he recently travelled the world and creating the documentary Irreplaceable about families all over the globe.  It will be released in NZ in 2015 and is available online.

Tim like every parent wants the best for his children, but has realised his dreams for them may be different from who they are meant to be.  He has re-discovered the Biblical principle of Love others as you Love yourself.  “If I just love them as much as I love myself, That will allow them the freedom to be who they should be.”

We always want to be the best partner and parent, but honestly we don’t measure up.  I like Tim’s perspective here “It’s okay to have the struggles, weaknesses that I have, because that’s only part of me, the other part of me is strengths and I’m loved for who I am.”

“I’ve found I’m a nicer, kinder, less stressed out Father and Husband, just because I’m more comfortable in the fact of who I am, and that is someone special to God.”

Tim recommends:
Book: The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning

Tim’s top tips on creating a documentary

  1. Have a concise story to tell ~ (Good Script, Good Story Board)
  2. Find others who are passionate.
  3. Just go out there and do it.

“No matter who you are that God loves you.
He loves you where you’re at right this minute.
He loves you what you’re doing right this minute.
He doesn’t say to you I’m going to love you more if you’ll change, or
I’m going to love you less if you change.
He says I love you.”

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