The Parentalist Final ~ Building a Legacy

My husband and I love our businesses but you know what we also really love our family 🙂

We’ve been in Austin for a month now.  I’ve realised this short time I have with my girls before my youngest starts school is a precious time. 

  • It’s a time where I can invest in them with their education, using my experience as a teacher.
  • It’s a time where I can create positive memories, which I believe with make a positive impact on our relationship and friendship as they get older.
  • It’s also a time were I can build on myself as a creative. 
  • You know the guests I have had have been phenomenal.  There have been some recurring themes, that I have noticed in what it takes to be successful as a parent, who loves their business and loves their family.  I would love to collate these insights and share them with you via a book. 
  • And my philosophy is let’s not limit our children, so I’ll be developing these insights into the next level of books for the My Little Geek series. 
  • It’s a time where I can create a book about my insights on shame, responsibility and having permission to shine.
  • It’s a time, if I have time to learn how to code I will and when I’m back in New Zealand, while the girls are at school, I hope to learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps.  Wow – seems impossible right?  I did go from zero to running a marathon in 10 weeks, so anything is possible.

But what if I do?  What if I become an expert at making iPhone and iPad apps?  What if I could be a lead woman in this industry?  How cool would that be?  I would be proud to say that’s what I did.  My eldest Caitlin who’s 7 wants to make iPad games.  How much easier will it be for her to learn if her Mother does this already?

You know sometimes when we follow what we think it right, it is actually opening the door for our children to succeed in what they are meant to be and do in life. 

Never underestimate your choices.  If you’re having trouble getting your head around what I’m doing, or would like to be able to take a big leap and change, I encourage you to read a short book called Who Moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. 

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So for the last time, Have a great week, have a great weekend, because you know what?  You’re pretty great!

Photo credit: Melissa Karu