Take Your Kids to Work

What if you knew by taking your child to work would eventuate to them being one of the early adopters in technology and even present a Ted talk?  I think we would all include our children a little bit more.

We are often encouraged to separate work from home, but if you’re like us, it’s intertwined.  Passion is infectious and our children simply love to be involved in what we’re doing.

One of my very first guests Dave Moskovitz shared his warm child hood memories as working for his Dad.  He identifies it as the most influential act of his professional development.

There wasn’t child care so he, at 8 earned 20 cents per hour for printed circuit board assembly.  As time went by he became better at it and at age 11 he was designing the circuit boards.

“I picked up all these tremendous skills.  But for me, I really enjoyed spending time with him.  I remember literally sitting on his knee putting together these circuit boards.”

“It was a really loving environment, for me.  To be creative, to put stuff together, to be curious about how things worked.  Those times have been very special to me and very important to me in my formative years.”

Now you find Dave as an Angel Investor, supporting start-ups to succeed.  This year he had his very own Ted Talk.  I have attached it below (enjoy).

As I have been writing this, my 4 year old daughter is sitting on my lap.  She’s been identifying the letters “S” and “C” in what I am typing.  She has told me she will work some day.

Be inspired to take your kids to work.
I’m excited to see who the will become because we included them.

Dave Moskovitz interview: http://www.theparentalist.com/dave-moskovitz/

Dave Moskovitz’s website and blog: http://dave.moskovitz.co.nz