Is it time to Stand Up?

I woke up yesterday morning, everything was going normally when I started to sing.  This was a song that really resonated with me.  It was new.  I believe God gave it to me, as I did not plan it at all.  I kept singing it.  Repeating it.  Thinking about the words, changing some, adding more.  Then I did the unthinkable ~ I told my friends about it.

It’s not the first time I’ve written a song.  I wrote songs as a girl jumping up and down on the trampoline.  I would see thousands of people watching me sing and jump, I was a real star.  Only when no one was around, because that’s when I sing.

I wrote songs when I was a teenager and won a Talent quest in a local park, surely there weren’t many entrants that year.  Picture me strumming my guitar, with my smurf trousers and clear PVC Jacket with silver teddy buttons which I had sewn and wore on special events like this.  I may have also had silver spray paint in my hair, or perhaps some tin-foil twirled through my hair.  You could say I was quite “creative.”

So why would I tell my friends about this song 15 years later?  I guess life happens.

I shared in my interview with Julia Grace that I stopped singing when I had my eldest (almost 7 years ago) and completely stopped when my delightful 2 year old told me to stop singing.  I sure didn’t have much perspective then, because I listened to her.

I have written a song for my girls which I have never shared.  It’s actually a lovely song.  The chorus reads like a poem:

You’re the sunshine in my rain.
You’re the joy when I’m in pain.
You’re truly the best part of me.
You’re my dream come true,
Because baby, I love you.

The girls love to hear me singing that song.  Why didn’t I share it?  I didn’t “perfect it.  I didn’t have a backing track.  Life happened.   Now it’s a few years old and not fresh, as my youngest is now 4 ~ hardly in need of a lullaby.

So this time, I’ve told my friends on Facebook.  You might think, weird!  For me it’s not “look at me I make up songs.”  It’s more like “Are you able to keep me accountable so I don’t let 2 years go by without sharing this one?”

I would love for you to keep me accountable too 🙂  Do you have anything creative that you would love to do, that you have a passion for?  Put it in the comments below or email me at and lets keep each other accountable.

We need each other.  When we stand up together, who will laugh at us then?  (or at least we’ll have each other to laugh and/or cry about it afterwards)