Someone Loves Ironing

I read a post from a friend of mine that said I am thankful for ironing.  I am not.  So, I looked again at the photo and yes it was actually a picture of clothes on an ironing board, so I didn’t read it wrong.

She was thankful of what the ironing represented.  It represented a husband, a job for the husband, children, and their activities.  “Wow.”  I thought “I’m thankful for those things too.”  

I really don’t like ironing, but I am grateful for my husband, and my girls who give me so much joy.  I am grateful for the bargains that allowed me to buy such beautiful clothes and the memories that come with them.

It’s amazing how opening ourselves up to different views it can change our perspective and make our life a little bit easier.

Thank you Jade, I’ll never look at ironing the same again.