Slightly Freaking Out in Transition

Well here we are, in Transition.

Transition for us means moved out of our actual home, and staying at family and friends’ houses while they are away before we fly out to Austin Texas in February.

There are Blessings in this transition:

– Swims in the pool on hot summers evenings
– Most of the packing choices have been made
– Reading time (finished 2 books)

There are Challenges in this transition:
– Reminding myself while driving not to head back home (weird feeling).
– Where I am staying is different from home.
– Not having time to do non-parenty stuff (okay, so that one’s always a challenge)

This evening I’ve had a freak-out time.  Which has been calmed with a bit of relax time.

My current thoughts are “What have we done!”  and “Maybe I should stay home”  slowly followed by “What if this year is my best yet?”