Sean Malarkey

Sean Malarkey is a co-founder of Inspired Marketing which in 2013 was named by Forbes one of the top 100 company in America.  He is passionate about marketing and shares many tips throughout the interview through his life story.  Simply by making changes and testing a promotional letter he was able to increase the response by three times.

“I love marketing because it gives you…a way to creatively exercise ideas; the results don’t lie – they validate your intelligence.”

Quote inspiration:
“It doesn’t matter how many breaths you took, but how many took your breathe away.”
“Be where the puck is going to be not where it is right now.” Wayne Gretzky.

Sean recommends:
Charity – Pencils of Promise
Internet – 99 Designs
Internet – Fiverr
Book – Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rhone

Sean’s top tips on Twitter:

  1. Be part of the conversation.
  2. Interact and engage with influences.
  3. Follow a lot of people, it’s almost like a virtual handshake.
  4. Manage Flitter  makes it easy to follow people who are following people similar to you.

Final inspiring words:
“Just to do it….Usually the early results will be exciting and encouraging and will propel you past the point of trying to be perfect.  That energy and excitement from the early success will really drive your big success in the future.”

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