I was Actually Born to Do This

Sarah Spear is an author of children’s books, a marathon runner and has a podcast called The Parentalist.   Yes it’s my turn to inspire you!

My favourite quote is:

“Do it afraid” Joyce Meyer

Starting podcasting was quite scary for me, but once I got started, I remembered a time when I was a child when I was the last one to be picked and I thought in my spirit “That’s okay, because one day important people are going to know who I am.” 

It made me realise, “I was actually born to do this.”

I have had so many opportunities to meet amazing people.  One of those was Rod Drury of Xero “3 or 4 hours later I was talking with this amazing amazing businessman I was so humbled by it.”

I also find The Parentalist is part of my support system  “I feel so inspired to being a better person a better business person as well.”

I believe my children are my greatest success and I’m happy for them to become my legacy “I believe they’re 2.0 versions of me and a truckload more confident.  They’re going to move mountains and I’m happy for them to be my legacy.”

My recommends:
Charity: Kids Can
Internet: Feedly
Book: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

My top tips on starting a podcast:

  1. Choose something that you’re passionate about.  You’re going to talk   
  2. Decide how you’re going to structure it.  Interview, or yourself, talk, co-host.
  3. How long 5 minute popular, 15 minute, 30 – 45 mins 1 hour. 
  4. Tools, ATR2100 mic under $100 on amazon; Pop Filter, Headphones, SoundFlower, LineIn and Skype, Adobe Audition. 

If you would like a free Podcasting Checklist sarah@theparentalist.com

Believe in yourself so
that you can stand up for your child.
You’re it.

There is no one else in this world that
cares about your child as much has you,
(and obviously the other parent involved).
You are their advocate.
There is no one else who knows as
much about your child as you do, so
you are your child’s expert.

If you enjoyed the Sarah Spear Interview please contact her:
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