Ryan Doughty

Ryan Doughty took a big leap in 2009 and bought a 50 acre outdoor adventure park which now provides life changing programs and activities that build self-worth, character, success and happiness.

“We invested a lot of love, energy, time, effort, passion and money into this park.  It started with a team of 3 people that saw 500 kids the first year as of today we have 40 staff and today we see about 12000 students a year. It’s absolutely fantastic that we get to make that kind of impact.”

Ryan faced a life event which transformed his life.  Now he believes in “Finding your passion, finding your joy and then living into it.”

Ryan recommends:
Soul Pancake
I Can See Clearly Now by Dr Wayne W. Dyer
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
The Complete Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
When I’m Feeling Sad by Trace Moroney

Ryan’s top tips on following you passion:

  1. Stop and write down what brings you joy in your life.
  2. What makes me excited and nervous?
  3. Take small steps.

Have vision and clarity first before you go off and change the world.

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