Rod Drury

EY 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, Rod Drury is passionate about his business, prioritises family time and values philanthropy.  He remembers holidaying with his grandparents and enjoys taking his children on similar holidays around the South Island.  Xero’s goal is to make small businesses more productive.
Rod’s team have worked alongside accountants and book keepers to build long term relationships.  Each accountant has several hundred client, therefore these relationships have been “fundamental to our success so far.”  Rod’s business Xero has a “real sense of urgency and speed”, which he reflects in the quote:  “It’s not the big who eat the small, but the fast who beat the slow.”  Jason Jennings.  They keep this in mind when executing their strategy and considering their 3 main incumbent competitors.

Rod enjoys working on the Kids Capital Strategy and is working on Mountain Bike Tracks in the Hawkes Bay area.  He has really enjoyed working in low decile education.   He describes putting iPads in low decile schools as “magic.”   Seeing how quickly the children work it out and that they are able to take the iPads home and share them with their parents, “That’s tears streaming down the face kind of stuff.”  Rod envisages that philanthropy will be a great part of our future.

Rod has some great advice for people wanting to launch on the stock market.

  1. Have independent directors.
  2. Make your product beautiful.
  3. Have a really good pitch document.

Rod encourages parents to turn the television off and read on a Kindle instead.  He really enjoys Elvis Cole novels by Robert Crais

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Photo Credit:
Rod Drury, founder of Xero, photographed outside the Auckland Museum. 17 June 2013 New Zealand Listener Picture by David White.