How to Feed a Starving Crowd

Robert Coorey is the number one best selling author of Feed a Starving Crowd.  A reality TV Pilot host and a wildly successful marketer.  Recently been listed by Start Up Australia as one of Australia’s top 50 entrepreneurs.  He’s built a super-responsive Online Community of serious business owners and almost broke the World Record for the most number of people in a webinar.

Robert’s favourite quote is:

“Never, never, never give up.”  Winston Churchill

Robert’s prediction of what’s going to be hot in marketing for 2015 is storytelling.  “The most successful formula is really telling an engaging story that really talks to your prospects fears and frustrations and their hopes and desires.

“At the end of that story have a really soft call to action that really asks people to take the next step on their journey of working with you, whether that’s downloading your book or to enquire about a consultation, or to come to an event, or whatever your business model looks like.”

Rest assured, Robert knows what he’s talking about “This year [2014] I’ve put over 40,000 people into live events and webinars”

Robert recommends:

Charity: Punnkky
Internet: BuzzSumo
Book: Feed a Starving Crowd by Robert Coorey

(Download for free or simply pay the postage for free.  Wow!!! So generous.  I’ve taken my copy with me to the States, it’s that good!)

Robert’s top tips on next level Marketing:
The Amazon Method

  1. Look in your category. 
  2. Look at the top 100 books. 
  3. Look at the 3 star reviews.  (Unbiased)
  4. Find out what people are starving for in your market. 
  5. Address all those things.
  6. Get advice.
  7. Market before you manufacturer. 

“If you’re feeding a starving crowd and love what you’re doing, that’s a phenomenal combination that works extremely well and is a
guaranteed way to be successful.”

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