Comparing Weaknesses to Strengths

Rebecca McLeod lived in Paris in 2001 working for the Environmental Health Department, where she spent her time drafting reports for toxicologists and her eyes were open to the chemicals were around us and that were applied to our skin.  In true entrepreneurial fashion, she was inspired her to solve a problem with her business Made 4 Baby.

Rebecca considers her greatest business success to be “the first pharmacies that took us on, and the first customers that believed in us and supported us.”  The proof of concept was in the purchases and Rebecca appreciates this.

Even though her children are older now, you’ll find Rebecca at The Baby Show and Mary’s Market talking and listening with her customers.  “I think Listening to customers and continuing to talk to them has been really important and creating what they want.”

Rebecca identifies the ingredients she wants in her products and works with a Manufacturing Pharmacist to create her products.  “We get ingredients that I’m happy with at a standard that I’m happy to use and but then there’s the performance path, to check that it really works.  For example, our bubble bath took 18 months before I was actually happy with it.”

Rebecca recommends:
Charity: Asthma Foundation
Charity: World Vision
Book: In Her Shoes by Tamara Mellon

Rebecca’s Top Tips on Stocking Products in Stores:

  1. Persistence – cold calling, building personal relationships.
  2. Try to get them to love your product as much as you love it.
  3. Offer regular training for them and their team. 

“Just be the best parent you can be…When you’re comparing yourself to others you’re often comparing your weaknesses to their strengths.  If you can do the best that you can do that’s what your kids will remember and try and have some fun along the way.”

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