Productivity: Find An Hour a Week

“If You can Find an Hour a Week to Make Some Progress”  Annie Fox

I love this quote about productivity by Annie Fox in our interview recently.  I am sitting at the kitchen table of a friends house, sharing a table with uneaten toast, scissors and tape accompanying the parcel, and my health insurance claim forms.  But here I am, finding time to remember an amazing guest.

I love how Annie reminded me that we are all at different seasons in our lives.  Her children are a lot older, and some have children younger than me, so it’s even harder for them to find time. 

I remember when we were self publishing our books and I had 1 hour 30 minutes between dropping my eldest off and putting my youngest to sleep.  Sometimes the time was only 45 minutes if I had other chores to do.  That was all I had, so I had to make it count.

I really appreciate Annie sharing her successful book writing tips.  Be encouraged, this same strategy can apply to almost any hobby or next venture you have.  Every bit makes a difference.