Pete Williams

Pete Williams has been described as Australia’s Richard Branson.  He is a newbie when it comes to parenting, but has found a win-win that works with his son.  “I think it’s being relaxed and being really chilled out and not being too stressed I think has been really helpful as well.”

Pete would rather ask for advice and “almost hack the process than try to do it yourself.”  He believes his superpower is being able to see through all the noise to the core of what is happening in a situation.  To sum up Pete he has a healthy Naivety, a willingness to Give-it-a-go and a willingness to Learn.  He aspires to help other people by letting them stand on his shoulders whether people consider his shoulders to be big or small, he has a willingness to help.

Pete encourages us to sift through the noise of the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Magazines and first ask ‘Does this support my core business?’   “Only do stuff in a context of supporting your core business.  Don’t try and start that as another profit centre, because then you end up having 15 plates in the air and you forget about your child and that’s not a good thing.”

Pete recommends:
The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff 

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