OE with Kids Begins

Tonight is our last night in our home before our OE with Kids begins.

I am sitting at the table scanning teaching resources hearing birds outside on this summer evening in Auckland New Zealand.  My eldest (almost 7) is eating a yogurt at the table asking me what Korea is like (I have no idea) and my youngest (4) is pretending to be a baby while her Dad plays along and brushes her teeth and goes to bed.

We have left only the essentials in the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas (okay maybe a bit more) and the rest is up in our attic.  I’ve scanned almost 10 years of business documents freeing up some space there, but my husband, Andrew will tell you there’s not much room in there now.   I certainly didn’t envy him going up there in the summer heat.

Instead of selling one of our cars, we’ve decided to loan it out to a friend while we’re away.  The hope is still to buy a car when we arrive and sell it for a similar price when we return, making the transaction cashflow neutral.

Now Andrew is reading to the girls in their bed.  These routines are what is going to keep them relaxed and happy.  Keeping as normal as possible and doing this adventure together.  When we made the big change of towns a couple of years ago, I needed to stay in the girls rooms until they slept, and my youngest would only eat food while sitting on my knee.  It was clear they were unsettled by the change. 

I’m now scanning a Classical Drawing book I think it’s important to have hobbies to enjoy life and to help stay sane, as I’ll be homeschooling the girls. 

Interestingly enough I’ve worked in my tentative timetable for Term 1 2015 20mins for Drawing, Playing the Recorder, Drawing, Dance, Coding, Maori, Spanish, Drama.  Although it’s only 20 mins a week, it will keep them busy and by the end of our 6 months, we’ll have some very cultured young ladies.

So now some dogs are barking, a car door closed, and my husband is whistling at the table while seeing if our economy seats have plugs.  No sorry just for Business Class, but we do have charger cables included.

I think I’ll only scan one chapter of this drawing book.  It’s taking a while and I want to scan some recipes from my favourites and also my new cook book by Donna Hay given to me by my lovely Mother and Father-in-Law (I’m not just saying that, they are really lovely).

We’re staying at 4 different locations over the next month then we fly out to Austin Texas.  Yes this is really happening.

Hubby has left the table and gone to practice his guitar, I’m duplicating my Learn Italian CD’s and trying to think where I put my cook books.

Be in touch soon <3

– Sarah

My Tentative Timetable for Term 1 2015
Home Schooling TimeTable 2015