No Happy Feet Allowed!

So over the years I’ve complained about noise my neighbours have made.  Mostly the bass sound of someone’s music, especially played at 2am in the morning.  (I may be wrong) But I don’t think I’ve complained because anyone’s children were happy.

My children jump, dance, and skip, sometimes run when they are excited or happy.  Actually my 4 year old’s step is actually a run – especially if she wakes up from a bad dream, or wants to sneakily run off with the iPad to her room, when she think everyone else is distracted.

Now the problem.

The sound that the Happy Feet are making is upsetting our neighbours below.  I understand that bumps are annoying, but honestly my kids don’t have enough energy to run the whole day long! 

I’m homeschooling at the moment, so we do a normal school day.  So most of it is actually sitting at a table (the non-trampoline kind).  We do start the day with a few songs and we enjoy dancing to them so let’s say 4-8 minutes of dancing in the morning about 9.30am.

I might do a 5-10 minute song with actions with my youngest up to 3 times a week as well.

Then when the kid’s Dad comes home after tea they have a whole lot of fun, so the Happy feet start again for let’s say off-and-on for 30 mins – 1 hour.

Let’s throw in 30 mins off-and-on when the kids might get excited or passionate about something, for good measure.

So now we have received a notice saying our kid’s Happy Feet are not appreciated and we need to stop.  It is their second complaint (first we’ve heard about), and the lady who complained came to our door tonight to actually talk to us in person.  I clarified that our kids do not throw their toys (as was mentioned in the complaint), they “play” [minecraft] on their computers most of the time.”  Near the end, she said “Oh you guys are taking it a lot more positively than I expected.”  So I guess, lodging several complaints before actually speaking to your neighbour is considered friendly.

What would you do? 

Would you tell your children they cannot jump, dance or skip anymore?  I did and it crushed my eldest.  Yes I mean curled up on the couch in tears, then sobbing on my knee.  Yes this was a parenting fail.

Face of reason.  My husband had the right mind to say we can’t stop them from being kids, they’re not doing anything wrong.  Most of all, we don’t want to undo all the progress we’ve made with our eldest and her coping mechanisms.  So true.

Would you move your location?  Well I guess that’s our only option.  We’re looking into a ground floor apartment where our Happy Feet are not questioned and we’re working out the logistics, if our services can transfer across the driveway smoothly.

To be honest, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.  Our car broke down yesterday and No Happy Feet today?  Seriously!  There has to be something amazing coming up soon, because it all turns to custard before something amazing happens right? (Please say yes!  PLEASE say yes!)

Would you rather your children be happy, but you be unwelcome, or would you rather your children be sad and you equally feel awful because you’re not letting them be themselves, or would you take control and create a third option, where everyone can be mostly happy?  

I’m thankful that I married Andrew, who created the third option.  Let’s believe it’s going to be even better for us.