Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Natalie Cutler-Welsh has recently featured on Breakfast, GoodMorning and NewsTalkZB about her latest book “If Only They Told Me” she co-authored with Jackie.  She shares an inspirational story about the Canterbury Earthquake.

Natalie went through an extremely challenging 30 hours in the Cantebury Earthquake, but managed to keep a positive attitude.  “I feel actually grateful that it could be so much worse.”

The Go-to Girl is Natalie’s second podcast and it’s “about small businesses able to find information, support and inspiration from other  people who have been through it or at a different stages of their business journey.”

Natalie has a passion for connecting people “It’s what I love to do and it’s what I do all the time without thinking about it.”

Natalie shared some wonderful parting advice: “Be present, keep appreciating and look after your relationship.”

Charity: Dress for Success

Natalie recommends:
Pic Monkey
If Only They Told Me by Jacqueline Lockington and Natalie Cutler-Welsh

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