Mike Phirman

Mike Phirman’s greatest success is landing his wife and being able to do music for a living.  He was inspired early on by his dad, who, even though was a doctor, encouraged Mike to think creatively.  Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, Weird Al and a nameless guy were big influences on his comedy career.  He’s excited about the songs he’s currently working on for kids .  Mike has some great advice for parents, whether it be phonics, sleeping patterns, fun games and even silly things to say with your kids.  Books he recommends include My Little Geek, The Sleep Easy Solution, and The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Mike shares the parenting with his wife who also works.  He’s converted his garage as a studio, and if he showed the “13 year old Mike Phirman this room he’d be like “Dude!  You’ve got everything in here!”  Mike gets his mixing an engineering know-how from Pensado’s Place where extremely talented and experienced “People are being very generous.”

“Suck up the good and don’t get bogged down by the impossible because it won’t always be impossible.  Great way to keep you centred.”

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