March 2015 Preview

Wow!  We have made it through our first month in USA.

We know it’s the right choice.  Although there’s been plenty of trials, there has been some business opportunities that have presented themselves, which may not have happened if we weren’t here.  We’ve found the people in Austin to be warm, friendly and helpful.  Rest assured there are people everywhere that are just like us.

I ran the half marathon too.  It was a great experience and despite the hills and lack of training, I matched my previous run of 2 hours 50 minutes.  So I’m very happy with that.

So as you may know my microphone is needing to be replaced, so I’m expecting that to come at the end of the week, then I’ll been the right track for recording. 

This month we have:

A Dad who amazes me with his generosity and willingness to share his stories and knowledge.

Me.  Yes I’m interviewed, and I’ll put this as a bonus episode at the end of the week, on my birthday as it is here in Austin time, 6th of March.

A Mom who went from corporate, to starting her own business, and a different journey to parenthood.

The next two are yet to be recorded, which I actually think is exciting.  It’s been 3 months since I last recorded an episode, so I’m looking forward to meeting new amazing Mums and Dads.  Thank you to everyone who has emailed me recently to recommend amazing Mums and Dads who love their business and love their family.  I appreciate it.

Have a great March Mums and Dads.  I know I will.  See Ya!