Quality Control and Surviving Twins

Luke Weston is the Program Director and leader in Christian broadcasting both in New Zealand and in the UK.  He and his wife are also the parents of beautiful twin girls.

I love and appreciate how Luke was authentic about how tough it can be with young twins.  “It tested us body, mind and soul.  It tested our marriage.  It gave us a new appreciation of each other….We had to make rules.  Anything said in the heat of the moment at 2 o’clock in the morning when you were trying to get two babies to sleep, didn’t count towards the divorce.”

Luke and his wife are doing a great job with their girls, and like all parents Luke is able to see the genuine joy of being a parent, “It’s a lovely feeling there are two people in the world who rely on you for their comfort and what they need in life.  It’s such a privilege, such an honour, it’s a bit frightening at times, but it’s an amazing journey.”

Luke shares an interesting perspective on success “I don’t think that I can succeed on any level without one, the love of God and two the support of my spouse.  Though those two things everything else comes.”

Luke recommends:
Charity: The Leprocy Mission
Charity: Tear Fund
Charity: Christian Blind Mission
Charity: World Vision
Internet: The Telegraph
Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Book: The Last TV Evangelist by Phil Cooke

Luke’s Top Tips on Quality Control:

  1. Know your parameters.
  2. Check it.
  3. I wouldn’t hold anything with a closed fist.

“Make sure you are tight as a couple, that your kids don’t become more important than your spouse.  After all your children came from your love, not the other way around.”

If you enjoyed the Luke Weston interview get in touch with him via the button on the left or the contact details below 🙂

Twitter: @lukewestondj
Email: Luke@rhema.co.nz

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