Kristen Rutherford

Kristen Rutherford is a head creative writer and producer who is re-designing her life to fit in with her goals.  Writing has come together for her, although she has a Poetry Degree, she made the most of an opportunity that presented itself.  Since then she has made herself an asset wherever she works, through her positive attitude, willingness to help others out and ability to let go and move on quickly.

It is no surprise that her greatest joy and success is her delightful daughter.  Kristen has taken to writing something everyday that has happened as a part of the book Mom’s One Line a Day.  She also has carried on the admirable tradition of baking she gleaned from her mother.  Kristen is passionate about St Jude’s.  She is also excited about Click In Moms a photography community of friendly and helpful Moms and Dads.

Kristen believes that “Luck is opportunity and having the skill set and being prepared for an opportunity when it comes.”  She describes the television industry as “fluid” and can “change all the time.”  Kristen encourages junior writers not to be precious about their work, not to take things personally and to be flexible.  She attributes her success in the industry with, not only these aspects, but the willingness to do jobs others may prefer not to do.  This includes helping others when it may not be in the job description.

Kristen loves the Kokeshi books by Annelore Parot brought out by Chronicle Books.

Kristen Rutherford encourages us with “everything changes….it keeps you humble when things are good, but it also keeps you sane when things are bad.”

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