Julia Grace

Julia Grace is a New Zealand singer, speaker and storyteller who faces the challenges of life with a go-getter attitude and a sense of humour.

Julia has wonderful ways of describing what she does.  “Writing a song is a way of taking my story and kind of adding a beautiful artistic element to it.  So people can take that away and reopen the present over and over again every time they listen to the song.”

Julia is well balanced in her approach to motherhood.  She discovered in a parenting class this quote “You’re welcome member of the family, not the centre of the universe.”  She has used this in her life and also in her advice for me 🙂

Julia Grace recommends:

Writing Music: Recorded Music New Zealand
Microphones: Sennheiser; Apogee
Charity: Tear Fund
Internet: www.facebook.com
Book: Jodi Picoult

“Find a novel that makes you feel like a care-free human being that deserves to waste some time.”

Julia’s top tips on pursuing song writing:

  1. Take every small opportunity to be creative.
  2. Don’t wait until the kids grow up.
  3. Don’t become just a parent.

“The little moments of beauty or comfort, the cuddles or the tears, and make them part of your life’s journey, and then creatively and generously share that with the world.”

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