What’s Joshua Becker been up to?

Joshua Becker is a successful author with his first book Simplify making it to Wall Street Journal’s top 10 of the Best eBooks to buy.  He is offering Simplify as part of our giveaway today (enter below).  Joshua is currently working on a comprehensive book on Minimalism, combining his many books, blog posts, speaking events and questions he regularly is asked.  Wow!  I can’t wait.

I love Joshua’s Levelled up Version of Pass the Parcel that Joshua came up with when an outdoor birthday turned into a rainy inside day.  Now it’s the most asked for party game.

  • Wrap a small gift up with as many layers as children
  • Have actions to complete between the layers on 3×5 index cards
  • Activities may included: sing happy birthday solo; do a couple of somersaults, make animal noises. 
  • The last wrapper opened wins the gift.

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