John Cowan

John Cowan is a key presenter at the Parenting Place in Auckland. He was a former scientist and has over 18 years experience working with young people and their families and regularly features on NZ Radio, NZ TV and Magazines.

Children are so different at different ages. From toddlers to school to their journey to adults. I love John’s perspective on this, “Realising that I had to make friends with my kids at every stage.”

A gems John shared are so encouraging for parents:
“Give kids roots and wings.”
“Settle for less and settle for mess.”
“Have holidays at a beach rather than overseas this year.”
I love it!!!

John doesn’t like to be labeled as an expert, but as an educator. He uses his skills as a scientist and gathers other people’s research in an easily understandable way. “My journey as a parent, a few insights and ideas can all the difference in turning a difficult situation into a manageable one.”

I love how John describes his wife as the “Greatest treasure of my life.”

John recommends:
Charity: The Ride to Conquer Cancer
Internet: Wikipedia
Book: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

John’s top tips on parenting
Be Firm
Be Fair
Be Friendly

“If you raise one or a crop of kids to maturity and they’re good functioning whole healthy happy people you have done you’re life’s greatest work.”

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Twitter: @ParentingPlace

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