Librarian to CEO

Jenny Paradiso has an inspirational story of going from a being a librarian to building a Multi-Million dollar company.  She was named one of Australia’s top 30 Woman Entrepreneurs March 2014 she has recently won Ernest & Young South Australia’s Emerging award.

It is clear that Jenny loves her girls.  She tells them how much she loves them every day and they have given her a new perspective on life.  Since I had kids, I look at things differently…Things that I never really noticed before are highlighted to me because I think they would appreciate it or enjoy it or learn something from it.”

Jenny’s business Suntrix has become a multi-million dollar company in only 5 years.  Starting off as a Librarian, it’s amazing to hear Jenny’s journey.  “What we have achieve what we have has been humbling.  You kind of pinch yourself some days and wonder exactly how you got here.”

The skills I’ve learnt as a mum of love empathy and discipline I use them both at home and in my workplace.”

Jenny recommends:

Charity: Cure4CF
Charity: Muscular Dystrophy South Australia
Charity: World Vision
Charity: Save the Children
Charity: Movember
Charity: CEO Sleepout St Vincent de Paul
Internet: Climate Spectator
Book: Game of Thrones

Jenny’s Top Tips on Making your Business Stand Out:

  1. Strategic Partnerships.
  2. Look at making yourself different.
  3. Look after your clients.

“Never give up, Keep pushing forward.”

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Twitter: @SuntrixSolar