Marketer of the Year

Jenene Crossan started in the digital industry at 16 years old with nzgirl.  She’s now well into her 5th digital business and has been a finalist for New Zealand Marketer of the Year and the international Veurve Clicquot Award.  

Jenene Crossan’s favourite quote “It all works out in the end.” 

Jenene’s had her share of tough times.  I like her perspective on moving on.  “I give my self time an opportunity to lick my wounds then pick myself up and get on with it.”

Jenene loves the feeling that comes from the process of creating a business, seeing it come to existence and receiving positive feedback from clients “It’s incredibly satisfying.”

Jenene’s Entrepreneurial Process

  1. Come up with an idea based on a pain that exists in the market.
  2. Strategise how you can bring that to life.
  3. Convince others to come with you – employment point of view and a financial point of view.
  4. Go about making it actually happen
  5. Develop it and bring it to lifeIt works – you have feel like it’s succeeded.
  6. Feedback “We love Flossie Concierge”

Jenene has a great perspective on sexist behaviour in the workplace.  She shakes it off and thinks “Thank you very much helping make very clear to me that you’re not the person I want to work with.  I’m going to move on now.”  Amazing right!

Jenene recommends:
Charity: Endometriosis
Internet: Flossie Concierge
Internet: TEDx
Book: Malcolm Gladwell

Jenene’s top tips on a buy out from another company.

  1. Understand what the pain is what you fix.
  2. Have a clear exit strategy.
  3. Continuously being visible.

“The most important stuff is having the internal compass that ability to have that confidence in yourself to make it happen”

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