Jason Oates

Coach Jason Oates interviews fellow coaches to help newbie coaches out with tips and techniques.   “I really enjoy helping people and seeing them succeed.”

Jason’s philosophy can be summed up in Zig Ziglar’s quote “If you want to get want you want in life, you need to help enough other people get what they want in life.”

In his own words: “I truly feel that if I can someway help someone else get down that podcast pathway quicker; if I can help them with a construction question; if I can add a smile to someone’s face…that’s why I love coaching.  I get to add smiles on the kids faces when they succeed at something when they weren’t succeeding at, and that really makes my day.”

Jason recommends:
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Jason’s top tips on Coaching Kids:

  1. Have a practice plan.
  2. Have specific drills or skills (do them several times).
  3. Keep gaining knowledge (books, podcasts, fellow coaches).

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