January 2014 Preview

First we have a lovely lady who not only home schools her children, but is the chief editor of a hot blog and a core contributor to another; I talk to a superb man who is as passionate about family as I am; We find out how to incorporate your passion with your children from a New York Times best selling author;  I have the privilege of speaking to a superb man termed as The Richard Branson of Australia, and just before we the children head back to school in NZ, we hear from a superb man who will inspire you to take your next holiday to the next level.

We took our first baby steps in this and went camping after Christmas.  It was kind of cheating though, because this family camp in Totara Springs Matamata actually provided all the activities and prepared the food.  So it’s my kind of camping, that’s for sure 🙂

So if you’re in NZ I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays with the kiddies.   Hope The Parentalist gives you a breather.  And if you can, please subscribe to The Parentalist and write a review in iTunes or Stitcher.  You know I’ll love you for it!

<3 Sarah

Photo is of my rascals today 🙂