Doing Divorce Well

Honoree Corder is a best-selling author of a dozen books, including Vision to Reality and The Successful Single Mom.  She is a Business Coach and the creator of the Single Mom Transformation Program.

Although Honoree did not have the best childhood as a foster child, she is instilling traditions with her daughter, like baking cookies together after the first day of school. “I didn’t bring into being a mum traditions from my childhood, so I wanted to give her that gift.”

When Honoree became single, she was inspired by JK Rowling “And so rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.” She has written many books since then including Vision to Reality and The Successful Single Mom

I love Honoree’s philosophy “I think you can take the very worst of whatever has happened to you and turn it into something pretty amazing.”

One of the most fulfilling times for Honoree is when she receives an email from a single Mom saying “I made their day or their life easier is really cool, and that was my big dream: to do; create something that would do exactly that.”

Honoreere commends:
Book: Master Evernote by S.J. Scott
Book: Gary Ezzo’s books
Charity: Keep Austin Beautiful

Honoree’s top tips on doing well after divorce:

  1. Forgive themselves for anything they may have done in the past.
  2. Forgive each other for anything the other person may have done intentionally or unintentionally (inner action).
  3. Remember that everyone’s intention is good.
  4. Allow space for their children to love them and their other parent.
  5. If you have something to say about the other parent that is unkind or un-nice, don’t do it not in the four walls where your children exist.
  6. Say something nice or don’t talk.

“Keep going…today is a new day, or perhaps tomorrow.
It’s never too late in the day to begin again.
Your kids will always remember the sock-fights and
the hugs that you gave them, and
the special magic moments,
not the day-to-day stuff.
It’s the things that you do together”

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