The Haze is Beginning to Clear

The Haze is beginning to clear.  We’ve had two major items ticked off the OE list today – our books are stored at Mighty Ape for NZ and Australian orders; and Austin accommodation is moving forward – YAY!!

We’re into the second week and in our second transition home.  To keep my head out of the challenge of moving, I’ve decided to take Joyce Meyer’s advice from “You Can Begin Again.”  I have been looking for what God is trying to teach me in this transitional challenge.  I’ve decided to see how I can bless the hosts in each home. 

Let’s be honest, they may notice, they may not, (I hope they do) but either way it helps me to focus.  For me it’s focusing on how I can be a better person, by serving and blessing others. 

Doing good often gives you a buzz and makes menial tasks easy and fun, because you’re still on the high of helping.  Which reminds me it’s 4:58pm and I really should start tea. 😉

Who can you bless this week?