Grant Snider

Grant Snider’s comics and illustrations appear in newspapers, books, magazines and across the internet.  He first caught my eye with his piece “Toddlers Behave with a Mystical Duality” comic strip that was shared by many of my friends on Facebook.

Grant is passionate about dentistry, cartooning and parenthood.  “Just having a passion for various things, drives me.  I want to learn more about those things.  I want to become a more balanced person because of that.”

I love Grant’s perspective on parenthood, “There’s lots of editing as well, editing parenting techniques.”

Grant recommends:
Charity: The Peace Cycle
Internet: Tumblr
Book: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan
Book: A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting by Guy Delisle

Grant’s top tips on being a great at comics:

  1. Find a regular routine and a regular schedule.
  2. Share your work with other people.
  3. Keep doing it.

“Be in the moment and appreciate the small moments.  Just because, these little quirks and little traits and behaviours they have are definitely going to change even in the next month or week.”

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Twitter: @grantdraws