How Not to Call a Fish and Chip Shop

We were travelling back from our family Christmas in Palmerston North and there is a new game happening in the car.  The girls are pretending to call their Dad and order Fish and Chips – a traditional Kiwi Summer meal.  My eldest calls and asks for one fish and chips.  Pretty standard for an order, my youngest however didn’t quite grasp how things are done.  Her call went something like:

S – “Hi…I already have fish in my freezer.”

Dad – “Good to know.  Would you like some chips?”

S – “No I have them too.”

Dad – “What about tomato sauce.”

S – “I have tomato sauce, but I need some ham for my pizza.”

Andrew held the conversation with such grace, listening to their story about how they didn’t need their service and even catering for their request of ham for their pizza (nothing to do with Fish and Chips).

It reminds me that we are the ones who teach our children etiquette.  Sometimes it horrifies is what our children say.  Especially when they are learning how to be a good friend or how to communicate that they would like to play by themselves, in a kind way.

For the time being I think I’ll keep the responsibility of ordering Fish and Chips to the over 4 year olds in the family 😉