Diane Levy

Diane Levy is a family therapist who has a humorous, practical and common sense approach to raising children.  She has has written 3 best-selling books, and writes for several magazines, Kiwi Families, Littlies, The NZ Woman’s Weekly (previously) and The Parenting Place.

Diane is very proud of her family.  She and her husband recently looked helped with their daughter’s toddler and newborn twins.  “They’re very thoughtfully given us grandchildren.  Grand-parenting is everything it’s cracked up to be.”

Diane’s success has a lot to do with her creating her own luck by hard work.  She is also  “…endlessly curious and always looking for new ideas and better ways of being able to explain them and share them.”

A great parenting tip from Diane is “One of our great skills as a parent is to show empathy and to match their intensity.  Very often that takes the emotion out of it for them.”

Diane loves her job – “One of my delights is that clients often walk out saying “It’s all really common sense” -that tells me that I’ve just made things simple and accessible.”

Diane recommends:
Internet: google.com
Book: Of Course I Love You…Now Go to Your Room! by Diane Levy
Book: Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives by Dr Laura Schlessinger

Diane’s top tips on dealing with children who over-react:

  1. Keep ourselves calm.
  2. This is not a teachable moment when they’re upset.
  3. Empathising and match the intensity.
  4. Would a cuddle help?
  5. Supporting them and cuddling them until they move off.

“If our children turn out ok it’s because of wonderful parenting, if they don’t turn out okay it’s because of circumstances beyond of our control and other influences.”

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/diane-levy/12/74b/4b7

Diane’s Books

Of Course I Love You…Now Go to Your Room! by Diane Levy
Parenting Tips: Toilet Training: How to Potty Train Your Child by Diane Levy
Parenting Tips: Bullying: How to Help Your Child With Bullying by Diane Levy
Time Out for Tots Teens and Everyone in Between by Diane Levy
They Look So Lovely When They’re Asleep: Advice and Anecdotes for Practicing Parents by Diane Levy