December 2015 Preview

Well, I’ve got some exciting news.  Andrew, the girls and I are heading to USA for 6 months next year. 

We’re going from February to August, which means I’ll be going to The Podcast Movement at the end of July.  I’m super excited.  I’ve met so many amazing people in podcasting, and the opportunity to meet them in person is just awesome.  I’ll also be homeschooling, so that will be interesting.  I’ve already got enough episodes to get us through the end of February and it’s Dec 3rd.  So, don’t worry we’ll be going strong.  You may hear some episodes with the kiddies in the background, but as parents I’m sure you’ll be okay with that.

So we had The Ultimate Giveaway last month for our 1st birthday.  The prizes were worth over $600 which was amazing!  I know the Mum who won is going to just love it. What a lovely start to December being given gifts that will encourage you.  Love it.  Thanks so much to all the lovely Parentalist Guests who were involved.  Without you, it wouldn’t have happened.  I’ll be interviewing our winner next year to see how the prizes have benefitted her.

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I really do appreciate your help, so thank you 🙂

This month we have an amazing entrepreneur who went from being a Librarian to CEO, A Movie Documentary maker about Family, a Bestselling Author and Children’s book Author.  They are so much more than that but I am looking forward to presenting these amazing Mums and Dads to you.

If you haven’t already remember to head over to the blog and read your weekly encouragement.  This week the article is about having a Stress-Free Holiday.  It’s based on the favourite childhood memories of my guests.  And I guess it’s not that surprising, I don’t think any of them cost any money, so I know you’ll love them.

Thanks so much,

Have a stress-free December.  and from my family to yours happy Christmas and have a wonderful new year 🙂  Please take care.

– Sarah