Dave Moskovitz

Dave Moskovitz is an Angel Investor, first making it big with The Web Limited he co-founded with his wife Kate in 1995.  As part of the proceeds of the business sale Dave and his wife Kate established Think Tank Charitable Trust, where they invest in high risk, not as popular charities. Dave shared the parenting with Kate during the early years, which included helping out at playcentre.  Dave is very proud of his children, which he sums up with the Yiddish word Naches, taking special joy in the achievement of others.  His own achievement was initiated by working with his dad while he worked in the weekends.  Throughout this interview he generously shares golden nuggets of advice for the novice and experienced.  He is excited about the Start-Up Weekend and Lightning Lab which he helps people connect and has seen companies form and successfully invested in.  If there was a book Dave would recommend it would by the Lean Start up by Eric Reis.

Advice for presenting an idea to an investor:

“I have a blog http://dave.moskovitz.co.nz
“There are a number of things you can do and there are a number of things to make you attractive to Angel Investors.”
“Have a great team.”
“Have an idea you can explain it so someone can understand within 10 seconds.”
“If you are in New Zealand, you must plan to take it overseas.”
“You should have an exit strategy.”
“You are not only developing a product but a business.”
“Traction, being able to demonstrate that people want what you’ve got.”

“You’re not raising your own salary, so that you can live in the lifestyles that you’ve become accustom to.  You’re raising the money to make whatever it is that you’re growing grow a whole lot more quickly.  And that’s the stuff that interests investors.”

Advice on how to become an Angel Investor:

“You need to be an eligible person rules in your own jurisdiction according to the laws.”
“Join An Angel club, group of investors get together and look at the local entre & Comp.  Local investors.  ”
Wellington AngelHQ
Auckland Ice Angels
Flying Kiwi
“Find a local Angel club and help find out what ‘s going on in your area.”
“Go to a meet-up with tech people ”
“Go to a Start-Up Weekend
North America Angel.co  Angel lists.  100s of coming up each week.

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“Always keen to meet people with interesting ideas and who can contribute to the system as well.”

Tom Lehrer “Life is like a sewer.  What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.”

“Get out there and be generous and watch things develop around you.  You’ve got to build the world you want to live in.”