Creating Memories this Holiday

In my interviews with amazing parents, one of my favourite questions is to ask them to share a warm childhood memory.  With the 6 week summer holiday (New Zealand) coming up, I thought it would be good to think about what memories made an impact on these amazing people.  Hopefully it will re-assure you in your holiday plans.

For Pete Williams it was being free to play with his cousins and friends at a camping ground.  For Jason Westland it was a memory of being flooded out of a camping trip and diving down to save his Dad’s beer.  For Annah Stretton it was day trips to the beach.

For Leanne Graham it was exploring the bush behind her property with her siblings.  For Allison Slater-Tate it was exploring the woods and making up stories about tiny fairies and tiny people.

For Ben Sardella it was his foster Dad’s cookies he would bake and Ben would sell at school (entrepreneur for-sure).  For Kristen Rutherford it was her Mom making a meal whenever she brought her friends around, no matter what time of the day or night.

For Jayne Albiston it was her nana giving her cups of real tea in the mornings.  For Jason Henderson-Oates it was cooking the seafood he and his cousins had caught for the large family meal.

For Louise Pagonis it was the cricket matches she would play with her cousins.   For Joshua Becker it was playing card games with his grandparents.

If you want to make an impact in your child’s life it’s easy.  It has nothing to do with material possessions and everything to do with sharing who you are and giving the kids freedom to be kids.

My recipe for a successful holiday:

Take a few moments to sit back and relax.  Enjoy each other.  Have fun.

If it works repeat 🙂