Claire O’Brien

Claire O’Brien has done her Masters in Pilates and has connected herself with Rael Isocowitz’s BASI Pilates and is launching the first BASI Pilates course in New Zealand.  All this while having a young baby – inspiring!

Claire encourages other Mums out there to follow their passion and just do it!   She has had help with the support of her parents and her partner “We do a tag-team, so when he wants to do something, I’ll not work, and when I want to work he’ll look after our son.”

Claire has always wanted to be self employed, she shares a conversation with her Mum.  “I told her I was going to be self employed when I was about 8.  So it’s a dream come true the Pilates Workshop”

You can enrol for BASI Pilates and more at: or call (09) 838 4883

Claire recommends:

Oh Baby: Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored by Kathy Fray 

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Address: The Pilates Workshop 183 Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu South
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