Christina Lattimer

Christina Lattimer has over 100,000 twitter followers and is becoming known as a social media expert within her business People Discovery.  She recognises her sisters and her long time friends as being a support which has helped her reach her success of 3 very well balanced children who are happy, well adjusted, fun to be around. 

Christina’s inspiring story is when one daughter was doing something that didn’t match the vision she had for her family.  Her super-power of vision came into play.  “Look you’re much better than that and these are the sorts of things you can have in your life.”  I didn’t tell her off.  I didn’t make her feel bad about herself.  I gave her a vision and encouraged her vision to be better than that…My daughter’s behaviour changed within the week.”

Christina had fantastic recommendations when it comes to social media:
You’ve got to think about the people who you’re engaging with.

  • What do other people want to read what do they want to see?
  • What do your audience want from you?
  • What do they need from you?
  • What will be helpful for them?

Make it a routine
You need a routine there so that you’re regularly on there.   *Bonus edited out*

  • You need to be responsive,
  • You need to reply to people and
  • You need to be there.

Opportunity to connect with people
Opportunities have presented themselves and I’ve taken them. I’ve met some really brilliant people from all around the world.  Twitter is actually a big gateway to meet the people that you need to meet.


Christina’s advice for her children:
“The only job you’ve got in this life is to be happy and it’s up to you to choose happiness.”

Christina Supports
Tyneside Mind
Chris Cancer Community

Christina recommends:
Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grab horn

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