Chris Cerrone

Chris Cerrone was happy and successful in corporate America, now in 90 days he has built a successful podcasting empire from 0 to 91,000 downloads per month.  He recently created a buzz with the challenge to create 30 videos in 30 days.  “If anything it was a super fun challenge, that got people out of their comfort zone…to do something they wouldn’t normally do because we’re overthinking it.”

Chris’ Dad inspired him in his own business and gave him a summer job in the family business growing up.  Chris’ favourite quote is also from his Dad “People fire themselves.”  It’s a sobering reminder that we choose our own path in life.

Chris has always known he would do a radio type show, even if it was a hobby.  “Honestly, when I was in the first grade.  I’ve always visioned myself some type of radio, some type of radio, where I get to talk and people get to listen, and there are fans.”

Chris remains humble and would rather be known for helping out people in his community than being famous. “I want to be in peoples lives for something positive and good…those little ground level things – I would rather be known for that, than one day my podcast became huge and I wrote a book.”

Chris recommends:
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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