Changing Your Thinking

Caroline Sorby is noted in Australian Woman’s Who’s Who and is a Human Resources specialist who draws from over 20 years experience in the Asia Pacific Region.

Caroline uses techniques which help her remain calm and see the bigger picture in tough situations. “I will always stop and I will reflect and what I am thinking and what the other person is thinking and I will change the way I am thinking if it’s negative and I will help the other person change the way they are thinking.” 

Caroline has quotes from the Bible in her diary and will often pray about a situation.  “People will comment on how calm I am in difficult situations and how nothing seems to get to me and I seem to have a real peace about me. and that’s from the practices that help.”

Caroline has many successes and she loves to give others a hand up through mentoring.  I love her vision “To encourage people to be all they can be and to reach their potential.  I believe we all have God given gifts and talents and when you’re operating in your gifts and talents it’s quite thrilling.”

Caroline recommends:
Charity: Inspire
Internet: Monash
Book: The Bible
Book: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Book: Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Caroline’s top tips on Human Resources

  1. Focus on Excellence and repeat.
  2. Remember that there are always more than two sides to a story ~ Never assume and never judge.
  3. To be successful in business.  Listen, listen, truly listen.

Just do your best in love.

Look after yourself and not be so hard on yourself.

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