Ben Sardella

Ben Sardella is a founding sales rep in the SaaS movement.  He has over 12 years experience in SaaS sales and his company Datanyze has recently been featured in Venture Beat.  Ben believes there have been several keys to the success of Daytanyze.  Co-founder Ilya Semin is described as a genius and takes care of the product and engineering side, where as Ben takes care of the business side, it’s a great partnership.  Ben also believes the relationships built up to 7 years beforehand have helped contribute to Datanyze’s success.  However, having customers refer future customers, without being asked is always encouraging and is truly validating for Datanyze.

Ben has fond memories of his childhood, with his foster Dad cooking warm meals on a snowy day and using his Dad’s baking to start his entrepreneurial endeavours.  He sold one cookie for $1 and his Dad kept making them.

Ben recommends the Four Hour Chef as a great family activity.  He believes it is important to make dinner at home and to share dinner together.

Ben reminds us “It’s great to learn some of the basics.”  He suggests:

– Invest some time in processes (books by Steve Blank)
– Define your perfect prospect.
– Focus 100% on your perfect prospect.

For expanding the business via sales, Ben recommends we hire two sales people or teams at the same time.  This way if it is not successful, you will know if “it’s because of the actual process or the company’s just not good at selling the product.”

Ben Recommends:
To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink
Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross.

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