Tweens and Teens Q&A

Annie Fox is an award winning author and educator of 30+ years, and has been receiving email questions from tweens, teens, and parents since 1997.  She has written several books as well as iPad apps.

I love Annie’s dedication in replying to the many emails she receives “I’m always very mindful of the heaviness in their hearts when they write to me.…get response that makes them feel less alone in that moment.”

Annie acknowledges her husband as a great support to her.  They have been married for 40 years and have maintained their relationship with regular date nights.  “I could dedicate all of my books to him because the truth is: he makes it all happen.”

Annie recommends:
Charity: Teaching Tolerance
Internet: Vidoyen
Book: The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship by Annie Fox
Book: Teaching Kids to be Good People by Annie Fox=
Book: Get the Behaviour You Want…Without Being the Parent You Hate! by Deborah Gilboa MD

Annie’s top tips on following your passion:

  1. Take your writing seriously.
  2. Read the best young adult fiction that’s out there.
  3. Know your target audience.

“If it feels like you’re spending too much time at your work, or in front of a screen of any kind for any reason, if it feels that way, you probably are spending too much time in front of a screen.”

“Your kids need you. You need your kids and the connections. And the other stuff can really wait..just really be there.”

“Then when you do return to the other stuff in your life – whether it’s professional, or a personal creative challenge – you’re gonna be better at whatever you are doing.”

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