Andy Bray

Andy Bray is a marriage expert who left his successful job as a design and marketer to invest in marriages with his wife Nikki throughout New Zealand.  Despite facing great personal tragedies and challenges he brings enthusiasm and positivity to the table.

Andy speaks highly of his wife
“We’ve had a rough up and down journey with my health and also loosing our daughter.  Nikki has been a tower of strength…Marrying her was my greatest success.”

Andy has strategic advise for planning your year to make sure your connections are purposeful and memorable with your family.

Andy believes that spending time one-on-one with each child is the best investment in family life.  It gives opportunities to pass on values as well as re-connect with that child who might be going through a tough time.

Andy recommends:
Putting First Things First by Andy and Nikki Bray

I recommend another of Andy’s Books:
Treasures in the Darkness by Andy and Nikki Bray

Family Life Conferences
Weekend to Remember
Day Events 

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