Amy Fortney Parks

Amy Fortney Parks has over 30 years experience in Child Psychology.  She believes listening to the heart and connecting with people is key.  Amy is passionate about children, so much so, she has become an expert in: children; education; and parenthood – the trifecta in child psychology.

It would be easy to analyse her children, but Amy has learnt a few phrases that have helped her.  “That’s a tough one, but I know you’ll figure it out.,” or simply, “Wow!”

Amy’s success in her business life has a lot to do with her child-like enthusiasm, her love for talking, and being able to laugh a lot.

Amy encourages other psychologists to become and expert in what they’re passionate about.  “Not only is it important for your community that you’re an expert, so people can rely on you in that, but you also put in the energy into what your entrusted in and passionate about.”  Secondly, she believes connecting with others is important, not only for professional development and learning off each other, but also for building friendships.  Finally, there is a wealth of resource out there.  Although it is vital to stay in touch with what is changing in the psychology world, she limits her reading time/professional development to 30 minutes a day.  That works out to be a book a week, pretty impressive.

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